HP USB printer


This page describes the steps I had to take be able to print on a HP LaserJet P4014n monochrome printer from my Debian GNU/Linux computer.

It was pretty easy because the HP LaserJet P4014n printer is supported by the HPLIP driver, which is available in Debian (package hplip). And CUPS (package cups in Debian) provides a browser-based interface to install the printer. The hardest part was moving the printer, because it’s quite heavy (26.5kg)!

I used the USB connection only. I did not use the network connection.

Installing HPLIP and CUPS

Chances are that HPLIP and CUPS are already installed on your Debian system, as the Debian installer proposes to install packages related to printing:


Selecting “print server” in this Debian installer screen would result in package task-printer-server being installed and cups and hplip are dependencies for task-printer-server (well, hplip is a recommended dependency).

If HPLIP and CUPS are not already installed, you can install them with (note that cups is a dependency of hplip):

apt-get install hplip # As root.

If you want to be able to install a printer as an unprivilged user, you need to add yourself to group lpadmin with a command like:

usermod -a -G lpadmin my_user_name # As root.

After logging out and in again, check that you are a member of group lpadmin with:

groups my_user_name

Installing the printer

Connect the printer to the computer using the USB cable and point your browser to the CUPS interface at http://localhost:631/admin.

Click the “Add Printer” button and login with a user name and password. (It can be your normal user name if you’re a member of group lpadmin, see above.)

The printer is listed twice:

  • HP LaserJet P4014 USB CNFX408861 HPLIP (HP LaserJet P4014)
  • HP LaserJet P4014 (HP LaserJet P4014)

I selected the first item (the one containing “HPLIP”).

A few other screens require information. Here is what I provided:

Name HP_LaserJet_P4014
Description HP LaserJet P4014n
Location Home
Model HP LaserJet p4014n, hpcups 3.18.12 (en)

The final screen is to set the default options. I took the default values except for paper size (I chose A4).

Printing PDF documents

You can use the command line program lp to print a PDF document with a commande like:

lp -d HP_LaserJet_P4014 my_pdf_file.pdf

But accented characters may not be rendered properly.

Importing the PDF file in Gimp (package gimp in Debian) and printing from Gimp seems to be a better option (although I haven’t tried yet with documents of more than one page…).