Although GNOME 3 is not my favorite desktop and I’m happier with the sleek Openbox desktop I have on my Debian box (along with tmux), I have to use a machine with GNOME 3.28.2 for some kind of work. I actually use the GNOME Classic flavor.

I haven’t done much tweaking in this environment and haven’t much to say here, but I felt the need to keep track of the dconf commands I learned. GNOME uses a binary database to store the settings and the dconf command is a way of manipulating the settings. This link made me aware of dconf.

Reset (i.e. erase) a particular key

If you want to erase a particular key (for example the foreground-color key of a GNOME terminal profile), use a command like:

dconf reset /org/gnome/terminal/legacy/profiles:/foreground-color

Finding the GNOME version

You can find the GNOME 3 version in file /usr/share/gnome/gnome-version.xml.

Closing the GNOME session from the command line

You can close the GNOME session from a terminal with: